Technology careers available at Citi

Putting our APIs to Work

Citi has been a leader in Open Banking since launching the Citi Developer Hub in 2016. The Hub is an API (application programming interface) Sandbox open to developers around the world and one of the most comprehensive in the global financial services industry. The platform enables developers to test and share feedback with Citi, helping us build new products and services that meet this new era of client expectations. We’re rapidly connecting with partners and developers to build innovative client solutions to fit customer needs across markets – faster than ever before. Through WeChat, Citi China customers can apply for a credit card, inquire on their application status, activate the account, access the account balance, request a credit line increase, get an instant loan on their phone and an equal payment plan. WeChat also provides a platform for customer services and to redeem bonus points. While WeChat, at its core, is very specific to the local market, we think we’re going to be seeing more customers spending time in these kinds of ecosystems.

The D10XSM Program

Grounded in the principles of venture capital and Lean Startup methodology, D10XSM is Citi’s internal growth model. This global program encourages internal entrepreneurship by empowering Citi employees to build, test, and launch new solutions that are exponentially better for our clients. To date, 2,500 employees have participated in the program, with 150 projects in various stages of development since the program’s inception.

Digital Proxy Voting Platform

ProxymitySM is the world’s first digital end-to-end proxy voting platform. It directly connects issuers and investors in real time for a more efficient, more accurate and more transparent voting process. Since its launch after being conceived in D10XSM, Citi has added 32 core features and over 60 sub-features that address customer issues. ProxymitySM directly connects company stakeholders with issuers, making the voting process easier and eliminating miscommunication by delivering real-time information, saving companies billions of dollars.

HighRadius Smart Match

Citi’s Treasury and Trade Solutions launched Citi Smart Match through a strategic partnership with HighRadius, a Citi Ventures investment. Leveraging HighRadius’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology along with its own proprietary assets, Citi is dramatically increasing the efficiency and automation of the cash application process for its corporate clients by matching open invoices to payments received.