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Technology, 2019 Summer Analyst, Singapore

You're the brains behind our work.
You're ready to bring your knowledge from the classroom to the boardroom; and Citi wants to help you get there. Whether it's honing your skills or building your network, we know that success can't come without growth. Our programs equip you with the knowledge and training you need to play a valuable role on your team, and establish a long-term career here. At Citi, we value internal mobility; and career growth is not a question of if but when. Citi’s Technology business is looking for enthusiastic individuals to join the Summer Analyst Program. Technology plays a central role in driving value for Citi and our clients by providing a foundation that enables Citi to achieve daily operational and long-term growth goals. As measured by transaction volume and customer touch points alone, Citi's Technology is one of the largest single organizations in the world, you will touch many lines of Citi business and support functions across the globe. By becoming a member of this team, you will be working as part of Citi Service Centers.

Your time here will look something like this...
As a Summer Analyst; you will join an intensive training program that includes both training sessions and real on-the-job experience. You will have the opportunity to work on real-time projects as if you were a full-time analyst / associate. You will also join a series of social events in order to build a network of contacts and better understand the job opportunities at Citi. We are looking for penultimate-year students who are able to work under pressure on multiple tasks.

We provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.
We provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. We’re committed to teaching you the ropes. The Summer Internship which runs for 8-12 weeks, starting in June, trains and cultivates key pipeline for our full time program. The Summer program normally starts with intensive training that will provide essential skills knowledge as well as a comprehensive orientation to Citi's culture. After initial training, participants will spend the summer working with a team and/or be assigned a tailored project for an in-depth and immersive experience. To support your growth, you will also participate in mentoring programs, networking events, speaker series, and other development opportunities. It is an opportunity for you to experience Citi and be part of a structured internship program. At the end of the internship, candidates who perform exceptionally will be considered and propelled ahead of their peers in the selection process for the full-time position.

We want to hear from you if...
*You are in your penultimate year in undergraduate studies in any discipline; degrees in Computer Science; Information Systems; Computer Engineering; Business (technology focused); and other technology-focused degrees are preferred; but not required. *You are from a top academic institution and are on track to graduating with 2nd Upper Class honours (or equivalent). * You have demonstrated strong leadership; teamwork; and communication skills * You have a strong interes to pursue a technology career in a global bank

Who we think will be a great fit...
Dedication to learning and a true passion for the business are vital. As industries all over the globe continue to restructure and grow; we are hiring professionals who have a global perspective on the future of banking, and want to make an impact on the corporate level. We value diversity and so do you. We'll also be looking for the following: * You see yourself in the technology field for the long-term. More than a tech expert, you’re innovative and persuasive. When faced with a variety of common technology problems, you propose solutions that make sense * Commitment to personal growth and career development, a strong desire to learn and success in team environments. Knowledge of the global or domestic business landscape (preferred, but not required) * Strong communication, planning and organizational skills, analytical and quantitative skills * Desire to develop a deep understanding of the financial industry * Unquestioned commitment to integrity ethical decision-making