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Internship Analyst-Mexico

You're the brains behind our work.
Now you are ready to bring your knowledge from the classroom to the professional field, and Citi wants to help you achieve it. Whether perfecting your skills or building a network of contacts, we know that success can not come without growth. Our programs will provide you with the necessary knowledge and training so that you can play a valuable role within your team and establish a long-term career with us. At Citi we value internal mobility, and career growth is not a question of whether it will happen, but when.

Your time here will look something like this...
The 3-month internship program starts in January, in the role of intern, you will have the opportunity to establish contacts with colleagues of Citibanamex through various activities in which:
You will identify the areas of opportunity and best practices, with the aim of increasing commercial activity and consequently the results.

You will analyze all the information obtained and at the end of the internship period, you will be able to share with managers and fellow practitioners the results of your intervention and participation.

We provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.
The objective of the project is to increase the commercial activity and consequently the results.
You will initiate the life cycle of the project, moment to define the scope and opportunity areas of the current process


Monitoring and control

Project closure

We want to hear from you if...
If you are a student of economic-administrative areas and want to collaborate in projects focused on improving the customer experience.

Who we think will be a great fit...
The ideal candidate is one who wants to develop a career within banking and who seeks to create a positive impact. The willingness to learn and the passion for the business are vital. We are also interested in having the following skills:
Social relationship, ability to negotiate, analytical capacity, dynamism and enthusiasm