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Operations and Technology, 2019 Summer Analyst, Indonesia

You're the brains behind our work.
You’re ready to bring your knowledge from the classroom to the boardroom, and Citi wants to help you get there. Whether it’s honing your skills or building your network, we know that success can’t come without growth. Our programs equip you with the knowledge and training you need to play a valuable role on your team, and establish a long-term career here. At Citi, we value internal mobility, and career growth is not a question of if, but when.
Citi’s Operations & Technology Group is looking for Summer Analysts to join the team in Asia Pacific. Operations and Technology plays a central role in driving value for Citi and its clients. O&T provides a foundation for technology, processes and people that enables Citi to achieve its day-to-day operational and its long-term growth goals. As measured by transaction volumes and customer touch points alone, O&T is one of the largest business areas in the company.

Your time here will look something like this...
As a Summer Analyst, you will join an intensive training program that includes both training sessions and real on-the-job experience. You will have the opportunity to work on real-time projects as if you were in a full-time program. You will also join a series of social events in order to build a network of contacts and better understand the job opportunities at Citi. We are looking for penultimate-year students who are able to work under pressure on multiple tasks.

We provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.
We provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. We're committed to teaching you the ropes. The O&T Summer Analyst Program trains and cultivates key pipeline for our full time program. The 10-week Summer Analyst Program starts in June/July with an induction training as an orientation to Citi's culture and O&T business. Summer analysts will then be assigned to work with one of the O&T teams to build hand-on work experience and receive on-the-job training. To support your growth, you will also participate in mentoring programs, networking events, speaker series, and other structured development opportunities.

We want to hear from you if...
(1) You are pursuing a Bachelor's degree in any discipline. Business, Operations, Data, Engineering, and IT-focused degrees are preferred, but not required
(2) You have a GPA of 3.2/4.0 or above from a top academic institution

(3) You have a keen interest in process and projects, technology innovation and banking industry

(4) You have demonstrated strong leadership; teamwork; and communication skills

Who we think will be a great fit...
If you are highly motivated and results-oriented, the O&T Summer Analyst Program is a great step forward in your career. As industries all over the globe continue to restructure and grow, we are hiring analysts who want to make an impact on the corporate level. We value diversity and so do you. We'll also be looking for the following:
(1) Drive to excel and perform to make an impact

(2) Learning agility - versatile leader, has ability to learn quickly and adapt in a constantly changing environment

(3) Curiosity - interest and willingness to learn

(4) Technologically-inclined (tech-savvy)

(5) Analytical and problem-solving skills

(6) Project management skills