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  • Team

    Our Risk Management team is comprised of professionals who are committed to protecting Citi and our customers. We’ll make sure you get the training you’ll need to assess risk about processes and technologies and understand the laws and regulations that govern your work via intensive classroom and on-the-job training, along with the constant support of team leads and team members.

  • Skills

    Risk management requires multi-tasking among complex programs, so you’ll need strong PC skills. In addition, you’ll need to be able to communicate effectively. Whether you correspond via phone, email, fax or letter, you’ll be dispensing superior advice about our products and services, all while tracking research, recording decisions and complying with the appropriate regulations.

  • Rewards

    When you join the Risk Management team at Citi, you'll have an incredible opportunity to continue improving your abilities. Through continuous learning on risk management programs and processes, you’ll fine-tune your customer service, analytical and problem-solving skills and hone your ability to make sound judgments. We’ll also make sure you get the recognition and rewards that you deserve!

Job Title Location Date
Risk Management Reporting Analyst 3 Buffalo NYBuffalo, NY05/19/2016
Risk Management Reporting Analyst 3 Buffalo NYBuffalo, NY05/19/2016
Treasury Risk Reporting Analyst (Buffalo NY)Buffalo, NY05/18/2016
Credit Portfolio Analyst 2Buffalo, NY05/11/2016
Market Risk Reporting Analyst 4Buffalo, NY05/09/2016
Regulatory Risk Analyst 4 (Buffalo NY)Buffalo, NY05/09/2016
Internal Control ManagerBuffalo, NY05/06/2016
Internal Control ManagerBuffalo, NY05/06/2016
Treasury Risk Reporting AnalystBuffalo, NY04/29/2016
Credit Portfolio Analyst 2Buffalo, NY04/26/2016
Credit Portfolio Analyst 2Buffalo, NY04/26/2016
Market Risk Reporting Analyst 3Buffalo, NY04/21/2016
Operational Risk Manager (Buffalo NY)Buffalo, NY04/21/2016
Market Risk Analyst 3 Data Analysis ControlBuffalo, NY04/19/2016
Risk Management Reporting Analyst 2 (Buffalo NY)Buffalo, NY04/12/2016
Regulatory Risk ManagerBuffalo, NY04/11/2016
Regulatory Risk AnalystBuffalo, NY04/11/2016
Credit Risk Senior Manager SVPBuffalo, NY04/06/2016
Operational Risk Analyst (Buffalo NY)Buffalo, NY03/29/2016
Regulatory Risk Manager (Buffalo NY)Buffalo, NY03/24/2016
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Assessing your next move in Risk Management just got easier.

If you’re the kind of person who can put people’s minds at ease, you should consider a career at Citi in Risk Management. You’ll act as a guardian by alerting our customers to activity on their accounts that may not be theirs, always keeping an eye out for risky behavior and fraudulent activity. We’ll look to you to interact with customers, colleagues and financial institutions as you help decide which customers manage credit well or not, determine whether Citi should raise a credit limit, and more.